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What People are Saying about "State of Mind in the Classroom:"

"Among all the popular education reform strategies I have seen in the past decade, the Three Principles/Innate Resiliency approach may very well be the most promising and durable approach for all students, across all demographic and achievement levels. It's a total game changer for educators and learners alike."

— Lisa It Villarreal, Program Officer, Education, The San Francisco Foundation


 "This book offers real hope for teachers, administrators, parents, and students who have bumped up against the edges of our current educational system. By sharing the principles underlying effective teaching and learning, and stories earned on the front lines of some of the most difficult schools in America, the authors present a vi­sion for how a simple shift in educational philosophy and under­standing could lead to better education for students and a better experience for educators. If you care about the future of education, this book is a true gift!"

— Michael Neill, radio show host and bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution


"I was on the verge of flunking out of college in my first year, when twelve words from a teacher changed the way I saw my life. This book explains how that happened and how it can happen in any classroom at any moment."

 -- Dave Nichols, community worker and Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Change.


'State of Mind brims with the optimism that we can make a difference, for even the toughest of learners. The emphasis on mindsets, on resilience, on 'Educator, heal thyself' speaks to the heart of matters, and sparkles throughout this very practical, well researched book."

-- John Hattie, author of Visible Learning and Visible Learning and the Science of How we Learn (with Gregory C. R. Yates), Director, Melbourne Education Research Iniative, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, at the University of Melbourne.


"This book is simply, astonishingly wonderful! There is an amaz­ing lucidity and clarity in the writing, Reading State of Mind brought up so many insights. This book is on my short list of the best Three Principles books written since Sydney Banks. I kept thinking of educators I wanted to send it to."

— Linda Sandel-Pettit, Ed. D.,Counseling Psychologist, Dean of Graduate College & Director,Graduate Counselor Education Program, Siena Heights University


"Not only have Ami Chen Mills-Naim and her late father, Roger Mills, captured the essence of what it means to truly change hearts and minds with research-validated principles and practices, they have managed to do so with a powerful personal message. This message will guide others to trust their own intuition about how to work with young people and children who are ignored or unloved.

"The timeliness of their message is especially important in today's rapidly changing world, where young people struggle to hear and feel the simple message that they are valuable, lovable, and capable of becoming their highest selves. I have personally witnessed the power of state of mind in classrooms and schools. The principles and stories on which this book arc based can and have changed school climate and cultures in real and sustainable ways. State of Mind in the Classroom is must reading for all those who want to see our schools change for the better, for all our children and for those who support them in their learning process.'

— Barbara L McCombs, Ph.D., Director at the Human :Motivation, Learning, and Development Center. Applied Research & Technology Institute, University of Denver.

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