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Live Action English Workbook - Level 2

Live Action English Workbook - Level 2

$ 12.95

Live Action English Interactive

by Elizabeth Kuizenga Romijn

A variety of productive reading, writing and listening tasks for high beginning and low intermediate learners, based on the CD-ROM Live Action English Interactive.

Students love this workbook! It was written to accompany the software Live Action English Interactive, but can be used without it. All the answer keys and classroom activities that lead up to the exercises in the workbook are included in the teacher's resource book Recurrent Action Grammar. The answer keys are also available on-line, free of cost, in the Teacher's Resource Guide on this website.

Note: This book is not to be preceded by Live Action English Interactive WORKBOOK Level 1. This is not a series. The two workbooks are different levels of the same material. They cover the same 12 units of the interactive software by the same name; therefore either one or the other should be used, according to the level of the class.

The Level 2 Workbook is designed for high beginners who have already learned about the basic verb tenses of English (present, present progressive, simple past, future) and may even be starting to use them. These students can comprehend quite a bit of what an English teacher says to them but may not understand speakers who are not gearing their language to beginners. Their comprehension is enhanced by props and visuals.

'If you have a mixed-level group, you may assign the lower-level students to the Level 1 book, and the higher students to the Level 2 book. Most of the lessons are very similar in both books (many are identical), and in most cases, once the exercises have been completed and corrected, the two groups end up with the same questions and answers written in their books, enabling them to pair practice with users of either book.

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"Class Set" Discount:  If you order 10 or more of any combination of this workbook or Level 1 Get %15 off. Contact CPLI for quantity discounts.

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