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Live Action English - 4th Edition

Live Action English - 4th Edition

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Live Action English - 4th Edition

A classic that's been around for years, and is used all over the world, this is the first student/teacher book based on James J. Asher's Total Physical Response (TPR). Each page has an illustrated action series of imperatives in a logical order, telling how to do an activity that everyone is familiar with (get up in the morning, chew a piece of gum, iron a shirt, open a present, eat an orange, clean house, take a hike, 75 in all!).

Each lesson is basically an excellent vocabulary lesson which teaches the words in a fun context to be acted out in class. Instructions are included for getting students to the point where they can tell each other what to do, one person giving the “instructions” and the other performing each action as it comes.

Once they have learned the vocabulary, they are ready to learn to use the words in other contexts and in the future, past, present and present progressive tenses. For many ideas on how to do this, see Recurrent Action Grammar and the Live Action English Interactive Workbooks.

To view sample pages, CLICK HERE.

"Live Action English should be at the top of every teacher's list of books, no matter what level they are teaching. I take it with me wherever I go in the world to teach. It provides language that we use every day for students at all levels. It also helps to fill in the gaps in upper-level students' English. Whether they are studying process essays, public speaking or everyday communication, Live Action English is a fun and effective way for students to live in English and not just learn about it."

-Eitan Geft, Soka University of America
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