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What to do while students are reading silently September, 2022

Command Performance Class sets FVR How to teach reading

How to run a Free Choice Classroom Library

 What is Sustained Silent Reading / Free Voluntary Reading / Free Choice Reading? 

"Free Voluntary Reading [FVR] means reading what you want to read, with no book reports, no questions at the end of the chapter, and not having to finish the book if you don't want to.  Sustained silent reading provides children with an opportunity to do free voluntary reading in school."

Stephen D. Krashen



A.C. Quintero, author and Spanish teacher               

How to run a sustained silent reading program in a world language classroom

How to build a classroom library

What is the difference between a classroom library book and a class novel?

What comes first?  A class novel or Free Voluntary Reading / Sustained Silent Reading?

How to use Bookmarks for Free Choice Reading


The basic requirements:

Dr. Stephen Krashen says that all that is required for a child to become a reader is access to books and a quiet, comfortable place to read.

1.  An ample supply of readers at many levels that can be easily accessed and selected based on student interests and language abilities.
2.  Class time set aside for silent reading without interruption.
3. A quiet comfortable place to read.


What does the teacher do while students are reading?  Take attendance?  Grade papers?  Set up for class?
Teacher holding up four readers
The teacher models Sustained Silent Reading. 


 What is Pleasure Reading?

According to Clark and Rumbold (2006), reading for pleasure was defined as reading done in anticipation of the satisfaction it would bring or continued required reading because the reader found the subject matter interesting.  Pleasure reading is a personal experience that “typically involves materials that reflect our own choice, at a time and place that suits” (Clark &Rumbold, 2006, p. 6)

Aren't students already pleasure reading?  

They aren't!   They are reading for school, but they are not reading for fun.

Why is Pleasure Reading important?  Is it really worth the class time? 


Are there other advantages to Pleasure Reading besides vocabulary?

Pleasure readers also do better in math and in history.


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