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La magie de Manie (French Edition), by Michelle J. Fournier

La magie de Manie (French Edition), by Michelle J. Fournier

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This novice high/intermediate low FRENCH reader focuses on three high school French students from Maine participating in Manie Musicale, an international bracket-style competition of sixteen contemporary French songs.

Julie is a shy basketball star who struggles in French but loves music. She is bullied by Gabi, a popular girl with Canadian roots who is misunderstood by her friends. Mohamed is a new Mainer from Sénégal whose English is poor but who is not afraid to stand up to bullies. Tension mounts as the competition comes to a close and the students have to navigate complex social interactions while confronting their fears and hoping to win the grand prize - concert tickets in Boston to see a famous Manie Musicale singer. Can the magic of music bring them all together?

Level 2-3

isbn 979-8989844708

CLICK HERE:  Learn more about the Manie Musicale competition!

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Theresa Jensen
Magic promised and delivered!

To start, I will explain my level of French: I’m a Spanish teacher and took a semester of French in college 30 years ago. However, I was able to read this book with relative ease and LOVED IT.

As it begins from the perspective of Julie, you are introduced to the awful Gabi who makes fun of her and therein lies the conflict, you think; the villain is Gabi. However, you would be wrong. I love how the author allows the reader to empathize with each of the characters and we see growth in each of them.

Culture is woven throughout. The story is set in New England, which has a rich past of French Canadian as well as African immigrants from French-speaking countries. I love the way the author includes visual and cultural appendices for each chapter to add to the reader's experience.

This story feels personal. The author is from Maine, where the story is set. She is a co-creator of Manie Musicale, a main theme of the book. Like one of the characters, her family are heritage speakers of French, but suppress it. We see the story of characters who live between cultures told by someone who has experience this.

This book flows so easily and I read it in one sitting. It models how to change direction, not judge by appearances, reflect on one's own actions, admit wrong, learn from mistakes, forgive, be compassionate and embrace one's heritage.

It's a well-written, engaging, easy to read book that you can't put down! HIGHLY recommend!

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