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Pintando con las manos: A graphic novella by Rachel Emery

Pintando con las manos: A graphic novella by Rachel Emery

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Miriam lives in her own little world. She is deaf, and in the early 1980s in Nicaragua, there are not many opportunities for deaf children. Miriam uses some simple gestures with her family to meet her basic needs, but her family wishes she could learn Spanish. Her family wonders if she will ever really be able to communicate with them. When she gets an invitation to a special new school that promises to teach her Spanish, not all goes as planned... Pintando con las manos is a fully illustrated graphic novella written for intermediate learners of Spanish. Glossary is included.

isbn 9798637894482

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Victor de la Paz
Librito precioso

Such a sweet story about a young girl who cannot communicate with her family. The illustrations in the graphic novel show the children conspiring to secretly communicate with their hands until the teachers finally pay attention.

GRAPHIC novel!

Rachel Emery has written and illustrated a sweet graphic novel! Having these wonderful illustrations for support makes comprehension so simple! This book tells the story of Miriam, hearing-impaired and unable to attend school and make a better future for herself until her aunt comes from Managua to help.
The story is heartbreakingly wonderful: hearing-impaired students in 1980's Nicaragua had no common language with which to communicate . This book tells the story of Miriam and her fellow students who help bring sign language to Nicaragua. Well-written and enjoyable to read.

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