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Camille: Le Studio de Danse (French), by Cécile Lainé

Camille: Le Studio de Danse (French), by Cécile Lainé

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When Camille finds out her beloved dance teacher, choreographer, and studio owner is leaving, she is worried about her future. Studio Pineapple, where she has been dancing for five years, might close or be sold to someone she won’t get along with. But she soon finds out that while changes are hard, they often bring an opportunity to grow and blossom. This third installment of the Alice series can be read as a sequel or independently of the first two stories.THEMES: Dance - Self esteem - Self confidence - Prejudice

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isbn 978-1734168631


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Customer Reviews

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Brenda Crosby
Camille Compelling, thoughtful, realistic

I look forward to teaching using "Alice", "Khadra", and "Camille" next year in French 2 The story is realistic, thoughtful, touching", and I so love that the main character (as in "Alice" and "Khadra") is female. Camille is a real human being, who is passionate about danse, loves her family and friends, and learns from the challenges she faces. She is the female lead, but NOT the thief or the object of the white male gaze on her body. This is a story that reflects teenagers' struggles The Cultural Glossary, complete with pictures, is a wonderful addition to the vocabulary glossary. Merci Cecile!

Theresa Jensen
Camille dances her way into your heart!

After reading Alicia (Alice), I was so sad the sequels, Khadra and Camille were only available in French (I’m a Spanish teacher). So what else to do but read them in French! And I was NOT sorry!!

Camille is a treasure. We get to see how Alice’s moving affects her other best friend Camille who dances at Alice’s step mom’s dance studio. It is subtle, but what I related to most was how Camille was just a good dancer yet too often was judged for not having the perfect body. I love how even on the cover Camille looks graceful and strong, yet has some healthy curves.

Cécile Lainé tells engaging stories that are easy to understand- even for me! I highly recommend this book!!

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