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Jalisco (Spanish edition), by Kayden Phoenix

Jalisco (Spanish edition), by Kayden Phoenix

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Her origin story is simple. Jalisco's a humble girl that lives on the outskirts of Guadalajara. Her mom takes her to the park to cheer her up with folklorico dance, and out of nowhere- Jalisco's mom disappears. Jalisco goes to the cops, who brush her away. She goes home in hopes that her mom is there, but she's not. Jalisco ends up going to the bar to ask for help- anyone's help. Again, everyone snubs her. So Jalisco sets off on her own to find her mom. Luckily for her she gets saved by a band of Adelitas. They all know the fate of her mom but can't tell her about the rampant femicide. Instead Adella, the matriarch of the Adelitas, says she'll train her so she can learn to protect herself. Jalisco says she just wants to find her mom. Adella tells her about Malinche, the traitor to our gender and the leader of the femicides. And the story continues...                 Level 3-4, great for native speakers

isbn 9781733909372

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Theresa Jensen
I recommend this beautiful, compelling book with some reservations

This book is a beauty - the images are colorful, well drawn and dynamic. The story is heart-breaking and opens the door for lots of discussion. I am happy to have it in my FVR library, and my students are drawn to it.

I must share a few reservations about it, however. The story is a bit hard to follow, with flashbacks, and many parts of the storyline aren't explained, which leaves you confused and guessing. A number of my level 4-5 students abandoned it before they finished even though they were initially excited for it. I also noticed a couple tiny errors (spelling, "a" instead of "ha"). I think native speakers will love it, but depending on the kid, only intermediate mid-high proficiency will likely follow the storyline.

Just a personal opinion: I really hated that the "villain" of the story was another woman who was a "traitor to her gender." The femicidios in Mexico are a complex problem, and I'm in no place to diagnose or write about them myself. However, young readers MAY walk away from this book seeing women themselves as the root of the problem.

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