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La clase de confesiones: Carlos hace el peor error de su vida

La clase de confesiones: Carlos hace el peor error de su vida

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Totally Comprehensible for Spanish 1!

La clase de confesiones (part 1) is written almost entirely in the present tense. It is the perfect novel for reviewing school vocabulary, classes, relationships, basic Spanish I structures in the Target Language, and, of course "el amor." Sprinkled with authentic and witty expressions, students will see themselves in the story, as well as their teachers! Synopsis: Carlos hates Spanish class with a passion but finds the will to survive when he lays eyes on Jessica. She is the reason he "tolerates" his boring class. However, his secret crush is compromised when his teacher decides to “shake things up a bit” in class. A simple writing assignment turns out to be a lethal injection to his social life and by extension his chances with Jessica. First, his nosy teacher tries to “set him up with Jessica,” this plan immediately backfires. Then, the unthinkable happens and Carlos is stunned. This turns into one of the most embarrassing moments in his life. But all is not lost. If Carlos plays his cards right, he could have a winning hand. Carlos invites you to come along on this adventure into La clase de confesiones where…"todos tienen una confesión," even the teacher!   Level 1

La clase de confesiones: Students will see themselves reflected in this story! 

“La clase de confesiones” is the perfect novel for your Spanish level 1 students or review for Spanish 2. With several illustrations, this story is told mostly in the present tense and features essential vocabulary for discussing, school, classes, teachers, and of course, el amor! Your students will see themselves reflected immediately in this classroom drama. They will empathize with Carlos as they come along on his crazy adventure! Best of all, the story has only 130 new words such as common words or phrases such as le gusta, tiene que mirar, busca, quiere, etc.  Most of the vocabulary words are cognates so that students don’t miss a beat! High-frequency vocabulary, Present tense verbs, Classroom vocabulary.


isbn 9781540800695

You will want to read the sequel, LA BELLA MENTIRA!

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