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Qui parle français? by Carla Tarini, BOOK 8

Qui parle français? by Carla Tarini, BOOK 8

$ 8.00

Boost your French skills effortlessly, efficiently and enjoyably! Written in easy, accessible French, the Qui parle français? books offer you the ideal entry into la francophonie– the French-speaking world. In Book 8, you will meet ten fascinating people, including an outdoor painter, a feminist thinker, a transitional president, and an actor with a black belt in karate.  Level 1 & above (great for all levels!)

Zinédine Zidane

Hélene Cixous

Laura Flessel-Colovic

Oumande Sembéne

Ali Farka Touré

René Descartes

Élodie Yung

Catherine Samba-Panza

Sonia Rolland Uwitonze

Claude Monet


isbn 9789490824389

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